If you’re a medical marijuana patient in Miami, Florida, you might be excited to know that Miami has allowed for cannabis to be delivered right to your door by licensed medical dispensary couriers. With cannabis delivery, you can shop online, call, or text your favorite dispensary and have cannabis delivered straight to your door, eliminating the need to head to the dispensary in person. Here’s a rundown on the top 5 weed delivery services in Miami. 

5 Best Weed Delivery Services in Miami 1 2023


  1. Trulieve Miami
    Trulieve is one of the largest dispensary chains operating in Florida with about 3 additional locations in the Miami area. In fact, they’re one of the OGs in Florida’s newly emerging cannabis industry, and boast a massive 83 medical locations across the sunshine state. They offer a unique patient experience in the sense that you can both visit Trulieve in person or place an order online for pickup. They even offer a fast and friendly delivery service. Their Miami store has some of the most stellar reviews around when it comes to fast, efficient, and friendly cannabis delivery services in Miami. Here you can find all of your favorite cannabis products, including their personal lines of a variety of cannabis flower strains, chocolates, gummies, pre-rolls, and concentrates like shatter and budder.
  2. Curaleaf Miami
    Curaleaf is another major name when it comes to Florida dispensaries. Even though they’re not operating as many medical stores as Truelieve, they are slowly but surely taking over the state with a massive 33 locations and counting. Much like Truelieve, the Curaleaf experience is very swanky. Their stores are beautiful inside and out and carry everything you’d want from a medical store in Miami, including their varieties of cannabis, pre-rolls, concentrates, chocolates, and gummies. Their Miami location offers in store pickup on their products as well as online ordering so you can schedule a pickup or a delivery. To get started, visit Curaleaf online.
  3. Suterra Wellness Miami Beach
    Much like the first two dispensaries on this list Suterra has also taken over a majority of the state with an accumulation of 34 medical stores and almost a million square feet of cultivation spaces. For this reason, they’re one of the leading providers of high-quality cannabis flowers in a ton of different strains. Much like those above, Suterra offers both cannabis delivery and an in-store experience. You can even place an order for pickup or delivery directly online. Suterra miami is one of the best cannabis delivery services you can find in the city thanks to their efficient service and their friendly customer service. Get started by checking out their website.
  4. Ermont Dispensary
    If you’re looking to break away from corporate cannabis a bit, check out Ermont Dispensary. Ermont dispensary is a family-owned business run by lifelong cannabis advocates who have been fighting on the front lines to abolish cannabis prohibition since the 90s. Their store is fully compliant but takes on a much more laid back vibe than the larger dispensary chains on this list. They offer an in-store experience as well as curbside pickup and delivery on their extensive product line, which includes flower, carts, concentrates, edibles, and much more. The only hiccup is that they don’t currently offer online ordering, and it can be tricky to track down their menu. Regardless, it’s worth the trouble. To get in touch or place an order, give them a call at (808) 201-9114
  5. Doctor Evergreen North Miami
    Much like Ermont Dispensary, Doctor Evergreen runs a much more low key approach to cannabis as well as some of the highest quality products we’ve seen in Miami by far. Here you can find all of your favorite cannabis essentials, including flower, pre-rolls, concentrates, vape cartridges, and so much more. Doctor Evergreen also offers both an in-store experience as well as cannabis delivery so you can get the most bang for your buck. They do recommend that you schedule an appointment to ensure that they have everything you need before placing your order, but they’re always available via SMS at (760) 582-7197 to help you coordinate your delivery. 

5 Best Weed Delivery Services in Miami 2 2023

While there are a lot of cannabis delivery options in Miami, these 5 delivery services have exceeded our expectations in more ways than one. We think you’ll appreciate these services for their speedy delivery speeds, high quality products, and amazing customer service. Their reviews truly speak volumes about each of the companies on this list, and each one is a service that we ourselves are proud to use. 

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