Are you looking for a Black Cherry Gelato cannabis strain in Miami? To some users, it sounds like a dessert. For others, it’s a sweet high! This weed strain is a mix of Acai with Black Cherry Funk, resulting in a euphoric effect.

Adults (of legal age) living in or visiting Miami searching to buy this marijuana flavor will soon realize it is a challenge to find. Unfortunately, Black Cherry Gelato seeds are difficult to buy from local retailers. Read on to find out more about this rare yet flavorful strain.

black cherry gelato flower

What Is The Black Cherry Gelato Strain?

Black Cherry Gelato is a hybrid weed strain (60% Sativa & 40% Indica). The origins combine the energizing rush of Acai and the calming effects of Black Cherry Funk.

Little info is available on the strain, but it possibly produces medium-size plants because of its mixed heritage. It grows in a similar style to a Christmas tree with the look of buds covered in crystals. It grows indoors and outdoors in a sunny, humid climate.

The classification is Cannabis sativa and belongs to the cherry family strains.

It is considered a balanced hybrid with Indica dominant properties. Growers will generally choose the name of the hybrid variety. It usually reflects the plant properties like taste, color, smell, or origin.

Its THC levels are relatively high, with it being anywhere from 14 to 26 percent, making it a potent strain to handle, especially for newbies.

The CBD content of the strain is less than 1 percent.

Black Cherry Gelato Profile

​​The flavor is a unique blend of berry sweet and earthy undertones. It can be quite rich if you’re not expecting it, with a potent earthiness.

Black Cherry Gelato smells like cherries, berries, skunks, and fuel for a floral musk aroma. As a result, you will feel the tingling high to relax and chill all day.

This strain is compact and sticky in the shape of a grape with forest green minty buds and leaves. Its buds are modest but pack quite the punch.

It’s bold on your tongue! You can expect the dominant flavors to taste like cherries and berries as both herbs create a balance together. It has a relatively low CBD level with a higher THC level, leading to a smooth high.

black cherry gelato close-up look

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Medical Benefits

Whether to relieve pain, help with loss of appetite, or inflammation, cannabis has the potential to alleviate many common ailments. While every state has laws regarding the use of medical marijuana, most states have legalized it for medical-related treatments.

The effects of the Black Cherry Gelato strain can result in feelings of euphoria, happiness, tingles, giddiness, and relaxation. After the euphoric high settles into your body, there is a sense of ease, leaving you feeling free and high. Negative thoughts and overthinking are no longer an issue, making this strain a go-to for those prone to stress, anxiety, and depression.

Some adverse effects may include dry eyes, hunger, thirst, mouth dryness, paranoia, slurred speech, anxiety, and low blood pressure.

Medical marijuana has helped many people worldwide due to its ability to heal various ailments with a natural plant rather than prescription medications. In Florida, marijuana is allowed for medicinal purposes, and the Black Cherry Gelato strain can help with various medical conditions.

There are many benefits of CBD, such as relieving insomnia, anxiety, spasticity, epilepsy, chronic pain, and other life-threatening conditions. According to Harvard Medical School, a strain of CBD-dominant marijuana called Charlotte’s Web can help dramatically with a form of childhood epilepsy called Dravet syndrome.

Some users report the Black Cherry Gelato strain helps combat insomnia with a sleep-inducing effect for a good night of rest.

When you start to use this strain, test out your tolerance level to avoid overindulging. You can do this by taking it slow and starting with small doses.

Low strains bring a relaxed feeling where you can maintain a comfortable energy level. Large weed strains can drastically calm your muscles and leave you on the couch, feeling gleefully unmotivated.

Growth, Yield, and Sales

Are you ready to practice your cannabis-growing skills? If so, you can try it as a home-grown plant. This plant of the Black Cherry Gelato strain grows relatively fast and is easy to maintain. You can harvest buds in approximately 50 days, which is a minimal timeframe.

Black Cherry Gelato can be grown from seeds or clones either indoors or outdoors. Finding seeds can be challenging, therefore, many growers opt for clones or clippings. It is recommended to grow in a hot and humid environment. The resiliency against extreme outdoor conditions is currently unknown, so it’s best to protect the plant in the best way possible. We advise consulting with a reliable cannabis source for more growing tips.

The yields are relatively low, but this could be due to limited history and knowledge of the plant. Indoor yields are less than 0.5 oz, with the possibility to reach 2 oz. Outdoor yields are 0.5-5 oz per plant with the possibility to reach 18 oz under the best conditions.

When reviewing sales of best-selling cannabis strains on the market, the Black Cherry Gelato strain doesn’t make the cut, however, this could be because it is hard to find. When choosing the strain for you, it’s best to consider your preferences rather than what’s the most popular.

Reviews + Where to Buy

Choosing the right strain for your mood and taste is key to your experience. Most dispensaries have a wide selection of display options, and choosing which strain to try can be overwhelming.

The reviews for Black Cherry Gelato speak highly of its effectiveness in treating feelings of anxiety and depression. It makes you feel relaxed while still staying alert and is a great nighttime strain. Due to the average THC, it works for sleep management and pain therapy.

Users of this strain also enjoy the euphoria and the sense of relaxation. Some even say it fuels their creativity.

You might be wondering, “Is weed legal in Miami, Florida?” That is a good place to start before looking for the Black Cherry Gelato strain. Weed is legal for medicinal purposes, but recreational marijuana is still illegal with some harsh penalties if caught with it in your possession. Therefore, make sure you are up-to-date on the latest laws.

Check out our list of cannabis dispensaries in Miami here or look at our list of the must-try smoke shops in Miami.

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Wrap Up

Now that cannabis strains are more acceptable in society, does Black Cherry Gelato live up to the hype? In terms of flavor and potent effects, we give it a high five (no pun intended)!

In addition to Black Cherry Gelato, there are many more strains on the market. If you are interested in finding which flavor or feel is best for you, take this fun and easy strain recommender quiz.

Related Frequently Asked Questions

Is Black Cherry Gelato strong?

Black Cherry Gelato has varying THC levels, but it is considered one of the stronger strains on the market. Most user reviews describe the strain as being on the stronger side, making this strain a considerable high.

Is Black Cherry Gelato the same as Black Cherry OG?

No, these are different. However, they both have dominant strains of Indica.
Black Cherry OG (also known as Black Cherry OG Kush) is a mix between Kens OG Kush and an unknown Granddaddy Purple hybrid.

How long does the Gelato strain take to grow?

This strain can be grown indoors and outdoors, with an average growth time of approximately 8-9 weeks. Full disclaimer: you will have to thoroughly search the online market to find the seeds as they are rarely available.

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