The Donkey Butter strain is not the most well-known strain, but it’s worth checking out if you love a soothing hybrid that won’t make you too sleepy or give you an intense case of the munchies.

The Donkey Butter strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid with a buttery, earthy flavor and a calming effect, ideal for a relaxing Sunday or quiet evening. It has moderate THC levels, so it’s suitable for beginner and veteran smokers.

If Donkey Butter sounds like an appealing strain, you can learn everything you need to know about it here! So keep reading to learn about its lineage, flavor, effects, and how to grow it!

donkey butter profile

Donkey Butter Strain Profile

Donkey Butter’s parent strains are Grease Monkey and Triple OG. It’s a hybrid but leans heavily to the Indica side. People consider it 80% Indica and 20% Sativa, resulting in an Indica that won’t make you too sleepy or drowsy.

The THC content in this strain can vary considerably, ranging from 15% to 28%. But you can expect most Donkey Butter flower to be about 20% THC.

The CBD levels are low thanks to the Sativa properties, so it usually never has more than .1% CBD.

Donkey Butter Strain Characteristics

Donkey Butter is a pretty strange name, but when you catch a whiff of the strain, it makes a bit more sense. The odd name is because the strain has a buttery aroma mixed with strong smells of diesel and wood.

When you smell this weed, you get a sweet, creamy smell that reminds many people of fresh butter! However, after the initial aroma hits your nose, the smell settles into an earthy, woody scent with subtle notes of skunk and diesel.

The pungent, organic smell is partly where the Donkey part of the name came from. The strong smell of hay and herbs is delightful and translates to the taste when you smoke the weed. So while you may think of icky smells when you think of donkeys, the strain captures the sweeter smell of a farm, like straw and trees.

One of the best traits of this strain is the buttery, smooth smoke that sits on your tongue and goes down your throat easily. If you hate harsh smoke and strains that make you cough up a lung, Donkey Butter might be ideal for you. It’s one of the easier strains to inhale, even for newbie smokers.

Donkey Butter has a typical appearance. The buds are round and plump, with bright green leaves covered in orange strands and crystal trichomes. The strain tends to be slightly dry, so it isn’t the stickiest or softest. But the buds are dense and often grind up into a surprising amount!

Don’t worry if you buy an ounce of Donkey Butter and feel like it looks small, as the dense buds make it a heftier strain than others.

donkey butter close-up look

Donkey Butter Strain Experience

Since Donkey Butter is an Indica-dominant strain, the effects are more calming than energizing. But the strain won’t necessarily make you sleepy and groggy, like super strong Indicas can.

Instead, Donkey Butter offers a comfortable and mild body high with a euphoric feeling. It will lift your mood and help you calm down without making it impossible to do chores or socialize.

Donkey Butter is one of the best strains for people dealing with chronic pain and stress associated with medical conditions. While Donkey Butter is a recreational strain, it has medicinal effects that make it highly sought after by people in discomfort.

This strain can also help people with migraines, depression, lack of appetite, or insomnia. But its most common medicinal use is for bodily pain, thanks to its cerebral and tingly effects that spread to every limb.

Many of the best medicinal strains are only for people with a medical green card, but Donkey Butter is available at recreational dispensaries too! So if you don’t have a green card but are struggling with any of the conditions mentioned above, try to find Donkey Butter locally.

But this powerful strain can also cause some issues, such as drowsiness, dizziness, slurred speech, and low blood pressure. You may also experience dry mouth and thirst, a common side effect of potent strains.

donkey butter cannabis

Growing Donkey Butter

Despite Donkey Butter’s impressive profile and effects, it’s an easy strain to grow on your own! It can grow indoors and outdoors and is resistant to mold, mildew, and diseases. It isn’t too picky concerning sunlight, soil, and water.

This strain is excellent for first-time growers. It will flower after 55 days and be ready for harvest on day 72. You can grow this strain inside or outside, but the outdoor plants yield significantly more buds.

An indoor plant will give you about two ounces, while a well-grown outdoor plant can yield as much as 15 ounces!

Donkey Butter typically grows to be five feet or taller, so make sure you give it plenty of space to stretch its stems. When grown outdoors, it can grow up to eight feet tall!

To successfully grow Donkey Butter, keep the plants well-watered and use decent fertilizer. Fertilizer will help the plants grow tall and yield more buds for curing!

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Donkey Butter Reviews and Prices

It’s not surprising that people love Donkey Butter, thanks to its relaxing effects and body high.

This strain is a favorite among people with chronic conditions and pain. In addition, people highly recommend it if you’re struggling with discomfort and don’t have access to medicinal marijuana dispensaries.

Despite its impressive effects, Donkey Butter is one of the more affordable strains you can buy. It costs between $20 and $30 for an eighth, depending on where you are. The strain can be more expensive in places like NYC or LA, but you’ll find it cheaper in spots like DC, Florida, and Colorado.

This strain is popular in flower form, but you can also find cartridges, wax, and shatter. Whatever your favorite method of enjoying weed is, you can likely find Donkey Butter in that form, making it an accessible strain for all cannabis lovers.

donkey butter weed

Wrap Up

Look for this hidden gem on your weed delivery app or at your local dispensary! It has a well-balanced flavor paired with an easy-going smoking experience. Donkey Butter strain is wonderful for a wake-and-bake or lounging on your couch.

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