There are two things the Florida Cake strain is known for: its celebrity parentage and some seriously relaxing effects. All of this is enough to pique any stoner’s interest, but there is more to uncover about the infamous nug. Below is all the intel about this citrusy dessert.

What is the Florida Cake Strain?

Two brands give out some insanely delicious flavors in Florida Cake: Puget Power Cannabis Co. and Jungle Boys. Most reviews about the Jungle Boys version rave about its calming nature, while many Puget Power Cannabis Co. users love the gassy flavors that seep into each inhale.

The Florida Cake strain, as a marijuana strain, is an indica-dominant hybrid with a ratio of 70-30, laying the sleeping powder down thick. It certainly inherited the effects of its indica-leaning, celebrity status parents, Triangle Kush and Wedding Cake. Both lend themselves well to the needs of insomniacs, as does the nug here. Florida Cake takes after Triangle Kush in its orange complexion and heavy trichome presence, while Wedding Cake gives it that citrus and cream taste.

triangle kush x wedding

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Florida Cake Strain Profile


Open the pack, and Florida Cake will reveal itself to you in all its bright orange glory, and you’re not prepared. Its hues are bright, sparked by intense oranges patched throughout forest green chunks. The hairs are only half of it. The Florida Cake strain’s sparkling trichomes spread all over to culminate in a snowy masterpiece. You will enjoy staring at Florida Cake just because of its unique and delicious visuals.

Aroma & Flavor

Much like its dessert equivalent, you can expect Florida Cake to rush into your nose with all the fruity fragrance of a fruit medley pastry. Florida Cake’s vanilla and cream aroma is welcomed warmly by any sweet tooth craving for some sugar. Spiciness peaks through to add just enough drama to keep you intrigued while you sniff it out. Overall the Florida Cake strain has sweet overtones with hints of spice, herb, and nuts.

Once you inhale some of your burnt Florida Cake, you can instantly remember Wedding Cake in all of its creamy goodness. The creamy goodness that Florida Cake reveals won’t last too long as some diesel joins the mix. Each new, smooth toke will have you at ease with the added presence.

You can chill out to the mingling of all the sweet and creamy berry flavors mixing in with the gassy side of the strain. It will tingle your tongue as a surprise, the spiciness making an appearance throughout your session.


Grind some of the weed, and, just in time with your first breath, you will find that your body and mind have completely let go, fully relaxed from Florida Cake. Its soothing ability is one of its most famous qualities, as the nug helps you drift into a warm, tranquil state. If you have any pain to carry or too many worries to bear, all will be lost in each saccharine exhale.

The body high is real, but you will still notice some creativity slipping through. You might want to write those innovative ideas down if you can; any stoner can get sleepy pretty quickly with this nug. Its effects are long-lasting, making cannabis veterans lessen their number of tokes. As you slump even further down the couch, you might have to settle into the sedation that is Florida Cake.

florida cake strain 70 indica 30 sativa

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What are the Medicinal Effects of Florida Cake?

The Florida Cake strain’s potent THC levels average around 24-32%, making it effective for many medical marijuana patients who seek help for chronic pain, headaches, or migraines. Many also get this strain for its ultimate relaxation properties. Those with depression and mood swings benefit from this calming effect. Its sedative qualities might not be the first on the list for insomniacs but those who use it for treatment, at the direction of their medical consultant, can also enjoy the nug.

Growing the Florida Cake Strain

More information has yet to be gathered about specifically cultivating the Florida Cake strain. What is known about it is that it can grow indoors and outdoors but mostly enjoys warmer environments. More advanced growers are usually the ones who have tried it and it has been decided to have an average difficulty level. Jungle Boys themselves have made the bud an accessible strain to plant, although not many have tried to do so.

Final Thoughts

Florida Cake takes its name and combines it with its sweet and gassy roots for a perfect combo of relaxing and sweet, fruity experience. Does Florida Cake live up to its name? This is the question everyone wants answers to. From its prestigious roots to its vanilla taste that has made it a bucket list entry for stoners from all over – the verdict? On both counts of flavor and potent effects, it certainly delivers on all the hype.

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