The Florida OG strain has been rumored to be the OG for a long time. Is it? And does the name make for a more flavorful and euphoric high? Does it make the strain that much better? Let’s get the lowdown on this hyped-up nug from Florida.

The Florida OG Strain Origin Story

While there have been many stories of how the weed name “OG” came to be, you might be able to trace it to 2 friends and roommates in LA during the early 1990s: Matt “Bubba” Berger, the owner of Denver’s legal cannabis market dispensary and Josh Del Rosso, the Founder and Managing Director of Josh D Farms. They bred a strain in Florida from a random flower he received from a friend. This Kush is what skyrocketed into fame and needed a distinguishing name to mark it from the others thus, the name “OG” was born.

But, while the pair had the experience in Florida, the truth is a lot of people dispute that Florida OG is this original OG, remarking that it is an entirely separate flower from the Kush phenomena which was at the peak of its fame in the 90s. So the basic answer? Florida OG might not be the original OG, but mystery shrouds the whole concept. In any case, Florida OG has the edge that has given it the name and you can read more about the strain below.

florida og kush

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What is the Florida OG Strain?

Florida OG is also called Crippy or Ocean Grown and was cultivated by DNA Genetics in Amsterdam. Many sources say it was the original OG Kush strain that spawned all the OG Kush genetics, but only the creators truly know the truth. The parent’s strains are Chemdawg and a combination of Lemon Thai and Hindu Kush Pakistan. With a unique and even 50-50 profile, as a hybrid it is balanced and can be taken at any of the days. With THC content averaging 22 to 28%, it packs a punch that is just right.

Florida OG Strain Profile


The cannabis plant can sprout to be on the short side standing at 30 to 80 inches once it has matured. Its buds have a deep green hue, densely packed. Orange hairs scatter across the flower’s whole body, a coating of crystal trichomes making it sparkle.

Aroma and Flavor

The smell of Florida OG will comfort your nose: fruity and earthy with a pinch of pine. On the inhale lemon will take over your throat, pine taste, and spiciness making this OG remind you why it is a classic. Many who smoke tobacco also compare the nug to it. Some surprising notes you might notice would be of lavender and cheese.

The terpene profile on Florida OG speaks of its citrus flavors as limonene comes out as the prominent one. Myrcene with its herbal hints and pinene with its orange peel taste complements the limonene well.


There’s a reason many stoners call using marijuana a ride and Florida OG might be the reason. Although it comes with a short high it hits you in waves, making you ride it out in relaxation. First the giggles, next to the overwhelming happy feeling, and energy boost—kicked up by glorious euphoria. If you want to be productive and motivated Florida OG strain can give you enthusiasm throughout. Others even use it to become more sociable.

Is it that much more effective than most strains out there? One of the OGs is responsible for many of the flowers that have come from it and so in a way, Florida OG is a true classic and its high is beloved by many longtime users who have had the luck to find this rare flower.

Medicinal Effects

Its mood-lifting effects can make Florida OG strain helpful to those with depression, anxiety, and varied mood disorders. It can keep you away from random mood swings and negative spirals. The boost in energy and motivation can also help with those medical conditions. As for its pain-relieving effects, this is also useful to those with nausea and inflammation. Lastly, it can stimulate the appetite which can sometimes diminish when going through treatments such as radiation and chemo.

florida og marijuana

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Growing Florida OG Strain

As an old but gold strain, you can hardly find Florida OG unless you use a delivery service so obtaining cuttings might not be too easy. This is also probably because it does not produce a significant yield— not the best for commercial growing. Many breeders prefer average yields. Still, if you find a source for cuttings it can be fairly easy to grow and you can witness Florida OG’s coveted flowers at 8 to 9 weeks.

Final Thoughts

There may be many rumors about what the original OG is. One thing you can be sure, the Florida OG strain is hyped for a reason and goes beyond all expectations.

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