It’s no secret that Florida’s oranges are special, superior to any of the similar citrus fruits in the country. With this origin in mind, the marijuana strain is no different; it offers smells and flavors that will bring you to a sweet but fresh couch lock, inspiring you to grow your crop of this tantalizing bud. Here’s the squeeze on this delicious weed.

The Origin of the Florida Orange Strain’s Name

Florida takes its oranges seriously, it being the sacred soil where oranges were most likely originally planted by Spanish explorers. Its warm, subtropical climate has shown itself to be an effective growing ground for the tasty citrus plants, now becoming a lucrative industry in the state and seeping into the marijuana industry in the form of flavor inspirations and, in this case, a namesake.

florida orange weed

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What is the Florida Orange Strain?

The indica-dominant hybrid is known for its THC levels that average around 14-24%, bringing in just the kick to make you drowsy. The 60-40 ratio between its indica and sativa sides makes it somewhat balanced but leaning enough towards some relaxing, sleepy vibes to grab insomniacs’ attention.

Created by Rev Gen, the Florida Orange strain is a cross between Key Lime Surprise and Clementine. Key Lime Surprise itself has a hyped status, stemming from the famous GSC and bringing its powerful indica effects to its descendants, like the Florida Orange strain. Meanwhile, Clementine might as well be responsible for the strong, signature citrus found in Florida Orange. Both are known for their potency and often the choice for some sweet sedation.

Sliding around to its CBD content, Florida Orange offers around 0.9% in this department, offering a variety of terpenes such as Myrcene, Linalool, Valencene, and Sabinene. These are what you will most commonly see with the strain, explaining its more spicy and fresh notes.

Florida Orange Strain Profile


Long leaves catch the bright flowers of this weed plant. With spade-like green buds and deep amber hairs on top, you will not wonder why this strain is called Florida Orange. The color spills throughout the plant’s body and this spreads throughout the nugs too. Creamy white trichomes sprinkle all over the frosty marijuana, inviting you to break them out of their container for a good whiff.

Smell & Flavor

As you put the nug to your nose, you will instantly catch a wave of sour tangerine. An earthiness and herb-filled aroma will take over your lungs as some respite after the pungency of its more strong citrus fragrance. Each twitch of your nose is balanced by the undertones of those dueling sour and earthy smells.

Matching its iconic odor, Florida Orange’s flavor runs sour, sweet, and spicy all in one. Each inhale is packed with citrus, touched by an earthy feel for good measure. Everyone knows about this nug for its famous taste, each session you have drowned in orange flavors. Fans of Florida’s equally prestigious orange juice will know exactly what we are talking about.


Ever opened an orange juice box as a kid, right after you have been screaming and running all around the neighborhood on a scorching summer day? That’s the exact feeling that will bubble up inside you once you smoke up your Florida Orange. The giggles will come one after another, uplifting your soul. Creativity, one thing you need to beat kids at the playground, will consume you.

Lost your motivation? This nug will haul it right at you for the last pages of your essay. Even with all that creativity, you shouldn’t forget that Florida Orange is mainly an indica so you might want to take it for a long night of relaxation and sleep too. Its knock-out sedative high will have you sleeping on the couch in no time.

florida orange kush

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What are the Medicinal Effects of Florida Orange Strain?

Its THC levels contribute to many medical marijuana patients’ choice of using Florida Orange. Often this is for chronic stress, depression, anxiety, and mood swings which the uplifting effects help with. Many also come to this bud to increase their appetites, its flavors are tasty and smooth. Others also smoke it for their nausea, the short concentration on creativity bringing one’s body to equilibrium before the calming effects come in.

Growing the Florida Orange Strain

There is not much information on growing Florida Orange but many growers can attest to its great heights at 30-80 inches tall, in need of trimming and pruning once in a while. Still, you can grow them indoors or outdoors as long as you do the regular upkeep. You can observe your plants for any spider mites or mold growing just to be extra sure you have potent and healthy cannabis at the end of the day. Flowering time averages around 8-9 weeks (indoor) or sometime in early October (outdoor) and you will get to see the beautiful fruits of your labor.

Final Thoughts

If you’re into great flavors and a really good crash on your couch Florida Orange is your pick.

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