The sunrise signals the start of a vibrant day and a colorful one at the Sunshine State of America. As such, the weed that is named after a beautiful Florida sunrise culminates all the zany emotions that emanate from the subtropical climate of the area. Below are all the tidbits you will want to know before waking up to the Florida Sunrise strain.

What is the Florida Sunrise Strain?

Its origins are unconventional but in a good way. A Green Crack x TK Bx1 cross, this bud just oozes with sativa heady feel despite the indica leaning profile as a hybrid. Jungle Boys knocked it out of the water with this relaxation aid which displays backcrossed Triangle Kush crops.

The Jungle Boys create novel strains with creative twists. Florida Sunrise is no exception with its sweet and tasty flavors complemented by sativa effects that will be etched on your brain. Its THC levels are around the 30% area which makes it a potent strain to behold.

florida sunrise

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Florida Sunrise Strain Profile


When you look at a Florida sunrise mirrored in the blue-green water it will remind you of this strain with its orange and green hues. The sky reflected on its hairs and bud like a glistening precious stone. This strain can be a little dry at times but these nugs are resinous. Its stickiness makes it easier to break the bud and feel its overall freshness.


As you sit in front of the opening of another day you will find that the aroma of tropical fruit and flowers were just right. Florida Sunrise’s terpene profile shows Myrcene as the dominant terpene for the most part. The taste of mango from this one comes a long way. The fragrance of lemongrass and basil also adds an edge to the whole smell. Limonene hints of citrus and lemon encourage you to keep going at your toking.


Keeping up with its tropical theme every inhale of the Florida Sunrise strain is like a mouthful of fruity flavors. Citrus takes over with a zing on your tongue. The surprise might be the lingering flavors of mango and pineapple that truly encapsulate the island spirit.

Overall Experience

As you might expect from Florida Sunrise the first few minutes are joyous, filled with a sharp sense of awareness and lots of giggles. Your head can get a bit cloudy at times, warmth pushing itself into the picture to start a buzz. Clarity will wash over you in a sweep that will leave you increasingly relaxed and comfortable as you reach a sweet euphoria. Your entire anatomy will be soothed but also packed with energy.

What Are the Medicinal Effects of Florida Sunrise Strain?

Florida Sunrise is chosen by medical marijuana patients looking for some ease from its blissful effects. Patients with depression and anxiety get the bud for this reason as they are washed over with a refreshing wave of happiness and serenity.

The terpenes of myrcene and limonene provide some sedative effects that also help with body paints. Additionally, the tastiness of the weed can invite a big appetite making it the go-to for those looking to increase their appetite. Lastly, its ability to gently give you energy while also balancing it out with a comforting blanket makes Florida Sunrise helpful in alleviating nausea.

sunrise strain

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What Recreational Activities Can You Do With Florida Sunrise Strain?

If you take in a bit you can use some Florida Sunrise as you begin your day. Stoners needing that kick of energy can benefit from the boost of energy. In the middle of the day, this bud can also be a pick-me-up to cheer you up among more mundane moments.

Tasks and chores can also be great excuses to take your jar out and get another toke in. Florida Sunrise will help you focus and can be incredibly relaxing while you work on hands-on activities. To add to all of this the indica side of the entire profile makes the nugs attractive to anyone looking for heavy smoke for a good night’s sleep.

How Can You Grow Florida Sunrise Strain?

Not much is known about cultivating Florida Sunrise but one thing is for sure, this auto-flowering plant is a relatively easy one for growers. Flowering time is around 8 to 10 weeks and sunny, warm areas nurture the natural flavorful qualities of Florida Sunrise. Feminized seeds are available on the market should you find some and get to planting.

Final Thoughts

Florida Sunrise lives up to its kooky name and holds it with reverence. As such its joyous and euphoric effects are backed up by lusciously vacation-worthy flavors and scents. Looking for a taste of the Florida shorelines in a compact nug? Look no further than 420Miami. We have a wide selection of the best weed around.

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