Picture this: you at Miami Beach chilling on its soft, swaying shores and sandy beaches. You don’t want to have any room for pain or negative thoughts. Whether it be for the relief from anxiety, chronic pain, stress, or the need for focus, your weed stash needs an addition to fully enjoy the sun in Florida. Here are some marijuana dispensary options you should visit to complete your vacation.

harvest hoc

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Harvest HOC – South Miami Beach

Address: 1011 5th St, Miami Beach, FL 33139
Contact Information: (786) 396-2700

Harvest is all about providing the best quality weed experience in all aspects– through their retail stores, the way they cultivate and grow weed, and the way their budtenders guide you. The entire dispensary, located in South Miami Beach, carries the name well, providing products that suit your needs as a medical marijuana patient or recreational stoner.

The whole team has received praise from online reviewers for their patience and knowledge. Friendly faces and seriously sweet services are always welcome. This house of cannabis is also constantly working to provide new, novel products to their stores. You will want people who want the best for you as a customer and these guys seem to have it all including Monday to Sunday store hours.

medmen miami

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MedMen – Miami – South Beach (Collins Ave)

Address: 550 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139
Contact Information: (786) 373-4060

With the noble goal of de-stigmatizing cannabis in the community, MedMen is an easy-access dispensary that gives you a warm welcome into their circle. Knowing the place is legal as well as regulated can give you a sense of relief and comfort as you shop. It not only offers weed products but education too. Anti-marijuana individuals will be open to their calm and objective approach by explaining the uses and benefits of marijuana.

As a premium cannabis retailer, it is constantly working on research and development to improve its products. If you’re in South Beach it is the place you can go to for a wide range of weed items. They claim to offer an “unparalleled shopping experience” and have more than 25 stores in 6 states in the United States.

These include Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, New York, and Nevada. Their customer service is heralded by many online reviewers who know the team’s names and rave about the quick actions, informed by protocol but also in an approachable manner. One might talk about the need for parking spaces though.

Aside from a great presence in numerous places they also engage in community-oriented initiatives. They collaborate with non-profit organizations like LA Expungement Clinic, Brotherhood Crusade, CORE, Great Boston Legal Services, and Downtown Women’s Center. If this isn’t a sign you are contributing positive causes through your support of MedMen!

Surterra Wellness – Miami Beach

Address: 1523 Alton Rd Ste 9, Miami Beach, FL 33139
Contact Information: (850) 391-5455

Owned by Parallel, an operator of four medical and other adult-use markets, Surterra Wellness can be found in Florida and Texas. They also own New England Treatment Access or NETA in Massachusetts as well as Apothecary Shoppe in Nevada. There’s a fast-growing network and one you will want in on for their unique products.

Additionally, Surterra Wellness also announced its corporate partnership with Cannabis LAB, a reputable organization that educates business leaders in the industry. These connections allow it to further innovate and stay at the top of its game, providing services for a larger area of the Florida medical community. They constantly want to improve their products and services which are in line with the collaboration.

Their reviews include highly positive remarks from stoners who have visited their outlet with regards to their customer care. You will need to bring a medical card if you are from Florida to purchase your weed but there is no need to worry. The staff is knowledgeable about cannabis and the effects of each strain and product. They are professional in handling any transactions, giving important and accurate information. Many also enjoy the easy access to parking spaces as well as the generally clean and pleasant look of the location.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of places to get your Mary Jane from but nothing beats tested and true marijuana dispensaries that are regulated and legal. So you might want to stop by any of the choices listed here. If you need some medical marijuana there will never be a shortage of places in the state to provide you with your next strain for treatment. With the education, some of these locations and brands offer it will only be a matter of time before everyone will understand the uses of weed.

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